Summer Resit Mathematics

For students that can meet important milestones related to the Mathematics line, the BIT Programme Management team is organising an extra opportunity to pass the following courses in the Mathematics Line: “Intro to Math & Calculus 1A”, “Calculus 1B”,  “Linear Algebra”, and “Probability Theory”.  

To be eligible for this extra opportunity, students must:

  • Meet one milestone by passing one of the four aforementioned courses;
    • Milestones: obtaining positive BSA, completing the courses in the Mathematics line of the 1st year.

  • Having a minimum of 7 individual (one-on-one) 90 min. sessions with one of our math tutors;
    • There’s no limit to the number of meetings; 
    • For the eligibility analysis, the meetings considered are those taking place during the period of 27th May 2024 to 13th July 2024. You are free to book meetings after 13th July, but they won’t count for eligibility.
  • Submit your request to enter the individual tutoring program by completing this form.
    • Your request is subject to approval by the P.M. team, which will check for the meetings’ schedule and the other eligibility rules listed above. 

The Mathematics Summer RESITs will be offered according to the scheme below:

  • Monday 22 July , 13.45, Therm: Linear Algebra
  • Tuesday 23 July, 13.45, Therm: Intro to Math & Calculus 1A, Calculus 1B
  • July?, TBD: Probability Theory

What do you need to do to take on this opportunity? See the step-by-step instructions below:

1.    Register for the one-on-one mathematics tutoring scheme:
a.     Book your individual sessions with one of the TAs and get their signature agreeing with the proposed schedule.
b.    To talk with the TAs, join this MS Teams workspace and publish a message in the ‘Meetings scheduling’ channel. All involved Tas will receive a notification of your message. 

2.    Fill-out-the form below to request your formal enrollment in the ‘Math individual tutoring’ scheme.
a.     ATTENTION: You will be asked to upload the meeting schedule (including the TAs signature agreeing with such a schedule).

To attend the Math Summer RESIT, you need to be eligible. This eligibility may come from the milestone scheme (explained above) or from authorization given by the Exam Board. Therefore, in case you’re authorized to take this opportunity via the ‘milestone scheme’, the Programme Management will double-check your eligibility and communicate with you about the verdict (whether you’re allowed to take this opportunity). 

When checking for the final eligibility to attend the test via the ‘milestone scheme’, the P.M. team will consider all your previous results. Additionally, the P.M. will check for the minimum amount of individual tutoring sessions. Applicants need to meet all the criteria above to be eligible. The final decision about your authorisation to attend the Math Summer RESIT will be communicated by email no later than 15th July 2024.