Educational Bachelor

Within the Applied Mathematics educational programme there is the opportunity to choose for the so-called educational bachelor. This is a variant in which the first two study years are equal to those of the AM bachelor’s programme. In the third year you will follow the minor Leren Lesgeven. This minor is provided by ELAN, a University of Twente institute, and is only available in Dutch.

Why an Educational Bachelor?

In the Netherlands, there is an ongoing shortage of academically trained teachers, especially in maths and the sciences. This means there are excellent job opportunities for someone with a mathematics degree focused on education. This is also the case for schools in the region Twente. The educational bachelor AM will train students to become teachers who have a deep understanding of the subject, while also possessing didactical skills.

Teaching qualifications

With an education-focused Bachelor’s degree you will be qualified to teach mathematics at secondary schools. This means you have a second-degree teaching qualification and can teach mathematics for the theoretical programme vmbo and the lower classes (years 1-3) of havo and vwo in Dutch schools. If you also want to teach the upper levels of havo and vwo you will need a first-degree teaching qualification. You can get this qualification after your Bachelor’s programme by completing a Master’s-level teacher training programme. This programme is provided by ELAN.

Guidance after graduation

After finishing the Educational Bachelor AM, a specialisation track will start in which the University of Twente will offer you mentoring. There are also mentoring agreements with schools in the area. This means you can get your first-degree qualification by completing the master teacher training programme at the ELAN institute, whilst already standing in front of a classroom.

More information?

For more information about the Educational Bachelor you can contact the Bachelor Coordinator of AM.

For more information about the teaching profession and the follow on master you can contact Gerard Jeurnink.

dr. G.A.M. Jeurnink (Gerard)

General information about the teacher training and the master programme can be found on (only available in Dutch).