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Pre-master BA for UT Bachelor Students

Applying for admission to the MSc BA programme (as UT BSc student)

Make an appointment with the MSc BA study adviser to discuss the pre-master electives you would like to take and how all of the pre-master courses fit into your study planning.

Mrs. Charlotte Röring
E-mail: c.g.m.roring@utwente.nl
Building: Ravelijn, room RA3254

After admission you will receive a notification from the admission committee within 15 work days. UT bachelor students have to finish their pre-master within 2 years.

Please note that all UT BSc programmes can start in September with pre-master electives. Starting in February with pre-master electives is also possible for most programmes but not for BSc AT and BSc CreaTe programmes. To be sure, contact the MSc BA study adviser.

After receiving admission to the MSc BA programme

After you have been admitted to the MSc BA programme you will need to read additional literature to catch up to the entry level of the MSc programme and to be able to successfully complete the master courses. Please check the Canvas course information or ask your teacher about prior knowledge that is expected.

If you have questions, please e-mail: masterapplication-bms@utwente.nl.