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General Information

Full Double degree (120EC)

The master orientation ‘Purchasing and Supply Management’ is a double degree master programme (see box below for more information on what a double degree programme is). This master is a cooperation between the University of Twente (UT) and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Completing the master programme (120 EC) will results in two master degrees:

  • Master of Science in Business Administration from the UT
  • Master of Science in Supply Management from LUT

The duration of this master programme is two years, which entails a total of four semesters. Students are expected to stay two semesters at each university.


In order to finalize the double degree programme in two years, you can only start per September with the MSc Business Administration programme and go to Lappeenranta per the next January. Unfortunately it is not possible to start per February with the MSc programme and after one semester go to Lappeenranta. For more information on deadlines for application, see the website about ‘Application and Deadlines’.

More information

  • For more information or specific questions, please check the FAQ-section of this website!
  • If you have specific questions on the content of the programme please contact the track coordinator of PSM.
  • For questions on eligibility of the MSc BA programme, please first check the website
  • For questions regarding international issues, such as scholarships or Erasmus, you can contact the coordinator Internationalisation of our faculty (drs. Inge van Haare:
  • For more information about LUT, check
  • We urge you to not contact LUT directly, the track coordinator and coordinator Internationalisation are the right persons you need to contact for questions and they can refer you to the right persons/ departments of LUT if necessary.

What is a Double Degree Programme (MSc)?

A double degree master programme entails two separate MSc educational programmes, both with a separate degree. After careful comparison of the study programmes, both educational programmes have made agreements about acknowledgement of courses, joint supervision of the thesis, and about practical issues. The benefit for students is that after completing the double degree programme two degrees are earned in less time than completing the two programmes separately. Furthermore, the student has an international experience in an environment content-wise related to one of the specialization tracks of our MSc Business Administration programme (in this case the Purchasing and Supply Management track).