UTAlumni CommunityNewsAlumnus in the spotlight: Christian Versloot (BIT2019)

Alumnus in the spotlight: Christian Versloot (BIT2019)

Do you find it so annoying when you are on the road and suddenly find yourself in a huge downpour? Even though you checked Buienalarm before you left? That may not happen to you in the future because Christian (Business Information Technology alumnus)  is working together with UT-BIT students on a solution that warns you in time.

Christian Versloot

Our apps flush today's radar images forward in time. But showers can disappear or develop and therefore not be seen now. Especially in summer, it might imply that you look, see no shower on the radar, cycle away, and still arrive all wet at your destination. We are using AI to develop a solution to solve that problem. Together with UT students, we have made a first attempt to see those kinds of showers coming. In this way, we are trying to improve the weather forecast continuously.

Christian Versloot

Of course, as a Weather Data Technologist at Infoplaza (the company behind Weerplaza, Weeronline and Buienalarm) not only deals with this topic, he designed and built scalable cloud solutions for observations (IoT), machine learning (MLOps), APIs and high-performance computing. I'm Weather is one such new product, for which terabytes of weather data are processed daily in the background.

Want to know more about Christian? Then check out his LinkedIn Page or read the interview with him from a while ago.