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Join the Reunion 1986-2009! Entrepreneurial university

We would like to invite you to reminisce about your time as a student on Friday 12 May, together with your friends! On this day we organize a reunion for the study groups of 'the entrepreneurial university' (years 1986 to 2009).

This reunion is organized on the occasion of the 61st Dies Natalis of the University of Twente. You are very welcome to join the Dies celebration subsequent to the reunion! In 2023 the central theme of the academic events is societal impact. In other words, how does our education and research impact policy makers, businesses, and citizens outside the academic world?


We are curious about the impact your time as a student has had on you, but also the impact your generation has had on the UT community! From the emergence of the first desktop computers to the first mobile phones. You were there. Your generation was involved in the establishment of the Pakkerij, the establishment of the first Solar Team and the occupation of the BB building! What was it like to study at the UT during this time?

During a morning programme we will discuss the impact of your generation. We will arrange a programme, a location, a nice lunch and some snacks. All you have to do is round up all your friends! And while you talk to them, make sure to also take a look back at your generation. What was the impact of your time as a student on your life and what impact has your generation made on the UT? Let us know in your registration, so that we can incorporate this into the programme.


The Dies lecture of 2023 will be given by Mr. Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission and responsible for the European Green Deal. He will discuss how the EU and its member states are trail blazing a green transition at home, decarbonising our economy and society and moving towards renewable energy while leaving no one behind. But also how the EU is marshalling partners globally to tackle the climate and environmental crises together. You can also expect an insight from colleagues Albert van den Berg, Cheryl de Boer and a Green Hub student on their personal pursuits for climate change.


10:15u – 11:45u

Optional: tour of the campus (limited number of places).
Along, among other things, the new ITC building and the renovated Boerderij

11:30u – 12:00u

Reception with coffee, tea and something sweet

12:00u – 13:00u

Plenary session 'IMPACT of a generation'.
What kind of impact has your generation made on the UT? What impact has studying in Twente had on your life?

13:00u – 14:30u


15:00u – 16:30u

61st Dies Natalis of the University of Twente in the Waaier

16:30u – 18:30u

Drinks in the Waaier

The reunion will take place in the Amphitheater of the Vrijhof and the Dies Natalis in the Waaier.


Registration is possible via the button below. You can also optionally sign up for the tour of the campus when registering. We would also like to know if you would like to attend the Dies Natalis afterwards.

The Dies Natalis will be in English. The reunion will be in Dutch but with use of an English interpreter.