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YAN cyber security webinar Your evaluations!

‘How has the government organized digital safety and what role does Defense play in that?' Professor-general Paul Ducheine answered this question during the webinar ‘Defense Operations in Cyber Security’, organized by the Young Alumni Network on April 30. The crowd consisted out of 80 young alumni and the evaluations contained many positive reviews. Therefore the YAN looks back on a very successful event!

Professor Ducheine is a military lawyer and an expert in the field of cyber security. He has the roles of Professor of Special Appointment in Cyber Warfare at the UvA and the Netherlands Defense Academy and of brigadier general at the Military Legal Service of the Royal Netherlands Army. Because of this experience, his knowledge about cyber security in relation to Defense is immense, and therefore he had no trouble answering the many questions that were asked in the chat. The participants praised his knowledge and passion: "It's great to hear about this from the perspective of an expert" and “Obviously a speaker with lots of knowledge”.

Also the content of the webinar about cyber security and Defense got many positive responses. Among the reviews were comments like: “Gathered interesting insights in how Defense is looking towards cyberspace, something which wouldn't have crossed my path directly." and "Clear message. Interesting discussion which is not something all students and IT'ers are busy with." Besides that, some good tips and suggestions were made, which can be taken into account in the organization of future events. Thank you to all the participants who were present at the webinar! Have a great summer and we hope to see you soon at a YAN activity!