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S.V. Arago Symposium 'Physics of Life'

The topic of the symposium is Biophysics. Scientists from various specialisations such as Maria Carla Piastra, Carten Wloka, and PhD candidate Gobert Heesink (alumnus BME2021) present a lecture. Topics will include biological nanopores, protein structures and semiconducting polymers and their application in biosensors.

This event offers a valuable opportunity to learn more about this topic and to network with professionals in the field of biophysics. You can register via the website or by sending an email to the symposium committee.

📆 Date: Tuesday 23 April
⏰ Start time: 09.00
🏢 Location: De Waaier, University of Twente
🎟️ Registration fee: 16€

S.V. Arago Symposium 'Physics of Life'