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Photonics, Microsystem & Circuits Career Day

Are you interested in Photonics, Microstystems & circuits, and want to know which career opportunities are emerging in this field? This event is for you!

LioniX in collaboration with KIVI Students Twente and UT Young Alumni Network, will host young professionals and master students at the Gallery to introduce them to innovative companies at the UT that are generating new business solutions in these fields. 
The event will include short presentations and interaction with some products and will close with a networking drinks session where the participants can have relaxed conversations with the representatives of the companies.

When? On Thursday, March 21st from 16:00h to 18:00h

Photonics, microsystems and circuits career day.

Participating companies

  • LioniX is a leader in the application of integrated photonics, microsystem solutions, and circuits. 
  • QuiX Quantum European market leader in photonic quantum computing.
  • Chilas state-of-the-art laser manufacturer that develops and commercializes widely tunable ultra-narrow linewidth external cavity lasers. 
  • PHIX Photonics Assembly (PHIX) provides an assembly and packaging service for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). 
  • Brilliance delivers light engines that overcome the challenges of miniaturization, integration, energy efficiency, and overall comfort for all AR applications.
  • Epiphany Photonic Design House facilitates the adoption of integrated photonics technology by helping companies navigate through design software, material platforms, foundries, packaging, and testing.