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Robots in hospital: Buffet & Symposium

The field of surgical robotics is rapidly evolving. Think of snake-like robots which can enter the body and have amazing dexterity and steerabilty. Imagine how tiny magnetically-controlled robots can diagnose and treat diseases from within the body. We are not far away from swallowing our surgeons! Prof dr ir Sarthak Misra is leader of the Surgical Robotics Laboratory (UT) and develops techniques to reach challenging locations within the body. Dr Herman Roelink is a urologist at ZGT-hospital and operates on patients using robotic arms. Prof dr Maroeska Rovers, scientific director of the TechMed Centre and professor Medical Technology and Innovation (Radboud UMC), reflects on the future of robotics in hospitals. In cooperation with KIVI Students Twente, Arago and Paradoks.

Buffet from 18:00-19:30 in Foyer Vrijhof. Please register for buffet before March 15 (12:00) via www.kivi.nl/kst. Buffet price: €10,- (students) / €12,50 (non-students). Lectures without buffet: free admittance, no registration required.

Place: Vrijhof/Amphi


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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