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S.G. Daedalus alumni day

Are you an alumnus of Industrial Design Engineering? Then you are invited for the alumni activity of S.G. Daedalus which will take place on the 30th of October.  

The day will start at 11 a.m. with a cup of coffee or tea. Subsequently the activity will begin. First there is a short talk, lunch included. After this everyone will cooperate to build something awesome and after that it's time for a drink and dinner!

All activities will take place on campus. The activity will cost around €25,- including: lunch, dinner and a drink. Instructions on how to pay this amount of money will follow later after sign up. 

Want to participate in this event? Please fill in this form to sign up!

If you have any questions regarding the activity you can send an e-mail to secretary@daedalus.utwente.nl

Note that, due to the corona virus it may be possible that the event cannot be held. If this is the case, the activity will be delayed to another moment.