20 Seconds Science

A future without animal testing?
How do microdroplets breakup in superslomo?
Origami folding art with microtechnology?
Harvesting energy with piezoelectric thin films?

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We are proud to show how Twente seconds science.
To show the latest scientific breakthroughs, UT research institutes MIRA and MESA+ and Twente.com launched in 2015 the unique initiative “20 Seconds Science”. All MIRA and MESA+ researchers, PhD and Master students were challenged to film their research in 20 seconds, and submit their movies.

And they did! We received more than 25 astonishing movies which you all can find on this site. On the 3rd of March we held the 20 Seconds Science Awardshow.

Winners of the 20 Seconds Science Competition 2015:

Jury Award: ‘Physics of Fluids – Inkjet Flight 20 – Erik Jan Staat’
Jury Award: ‘BIOS Lab on a Chip – Project Neymar – Anne Leferink and Martijn Tibbe’
Public Award: ‘Developmental Bioengineering – Injectable Hydrogels – Piet Dijkstra and Rong Wang’

All movies can be found here

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