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Logo of the department Tisuue RegenerationThe Tissue Regeneration department is a research group with a highly international character. The main goals of this group are to investigate and educate novel and challenging technologies and science in the field of regenerative medicine, which can be used for tissue repair. The department of Tissue Regeneration is embedded within MIRA, institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine of the University of Twente.


The focus is on cartilage and bone repair, however, definitely not limited to these topics. On average there are 20 PhD students and post-docs, the majority (90%) of which is non-Dutch from all parts of the world, working together on different research projects. Projects vary from bioreactors for tissue engineering to molecular imaging of mesenchymal and embryonic stem cell differentiation.

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Moreover, the group is involved in several educational activities regarding master and bachelor programs of the biomedical engineering and technical medicine studies, and provides traineeships in the field of tissue engineering and biomaterials for students of different background.


The group has close cooperation with other national and international research groups, as well as several companies (including our own spin-off companies). Furthermore, the group is part of several research consortia in the Netherlands (TeRM and DutchForm), and in Europe (Stroma).

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If you share our interest and want to know more about the field of Tissue Regeneration in general or about vacancies, traineeships or collaboration feel free to contact us.