Physics of Complex Fluids Group

The PCF group performs experimental research focusing on the properties of liquids on scales ranging from a few nanometers to many micrometers. Our activities fall into the categories: i) nanofluidics, ii) (electro)wetting & microfluidics, iii) soft matter mechanics. We are mainly interested in fundamental physical mechanisms that may ultimately also break grounds for new technological applications in the future.

The PCF group is part of the MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente.

Latest news

Stop-go-left-right: Nature Communications on Drop Trapping and Steering

Electrically tunable wetting defects enable a detailed study of the interaction of sliding drop on inclined planes with heterogeneities on the surface. Analysis in terms of ... read more

Congratulations Rielle and Jolet on your doctor title

On March 26, Rielle and Jolet de Ruiter successfully defended their thesis respectively 'Manipulation of drops with electrowetting: from morphological transitions to microfluidics' and 'An Airbag for Drops - High speed interferometry studies of air film lubrication in drop impact'. ... read more


Minisymposium "Smart drops and surfaces"

You are kindly invited to our minisymposium on March 27th, 9AM in the Ravelijn 2501. Renowned professors David Quéré, Nicolas Vandewalle and Kripa Varanasi will speak about their work on "Smart drops and surfaces". Also Rielle and Jolet de Ruiter, who will defend their PhD theses one day earlier, will give us an excerpt of the exciting results obtained during their 4 years work at the Physics of Complex Fluids Group. More info --> ... read more

congratulations mathijs on your MSc. title

On March 31, Mathijs van Gorcum successfully defended his master dissertation entitled: 'Drops and Spheres - a study of sticky and releasing of confined drops in ... read more