Physics of Complex Fluids Group

The PCF group performs experimental research focusing on the properties of liquids on scales ranging from a few nanometers to many micrometers. Our activities fall into the categories: i) nanofluidics, ii) (electro)wetting & microfluidics, iii) soft matter mechanics. We are mainly interested in fundamental physical mechanisms that may ultimately also break grounds for new technological applications in the future.

The PCF group is part of the MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente.

Latest news

July 1 - Colloquium Dr. Ralf Zimmerman: Interrelations between ionization, structure and biomolecular interactions of soft polymer films: Insights from microslit electrokinetic experiments and spectroscopic techniques

You are kindly invited to the presentation of Dr. Ralf Zimmermann from the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden. ... read more

A deep look into the Stern Layer

The distribution of ions and charge at solid-water interfaces plays an esential role in a wide range of processes in biology, geology and technology. While theoretical models of the solid-electrolyte interface date back to the early 20th century, a detailed picture of the structure of the electric double layer has remained ... read more


'Presentation On Demand’ Award At ACS Energy Dallas For Bijoy

The oral presentation titled `Ion-adsorption induced Wetting Transition for increasing efficiency during low salinity waterflooding’ by Bijoy Bera was chosen as one of the three presentations in Energy and Fuels (ENFL) section to be recorded at American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring Meeting held at Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX, USA (16-20 March, 2014). ... read more

Stop-go-left-right: Nature Communications on Drop Trapping and Steering

Electrically tunable wetting defects enable a detailed study of the interaction of sliding drop on inclined planes with heterogeneities on the surface. Analysis in terms of ... read more