Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming

Welcome to the website of the group ''Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming (DMMP)''. We work in the mathematics and practice of Operations Research, in particular Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation & Online Algorithms, Mathematical Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design.

On this website you find more information about us and our work, which hopefully you will find useful.

Latest news

Dorien Meijer Cluwen optimizes use of lecture rooms at UT

On May 13, Dorien Meijer Cluwen defends her MSc thesis in which she presents new ideas to revolutionize the future use of lecture rooms at our University through dynamic room allocation based on real time data. See the article in the UT news for more information (in Dutch). ... read more

José Correa and Bart de Keijzer visit DMMP

During May 4-8 José Correa (Universidad de Chile), http://www.dii.uchile.cl/~jcorrea/, and Bart de Keijzer (Sapienza University, Rome), http://bart.pakvla.nl/, came to Twente for a one-week visit to work with Jasper de Jong and Marc Uetz, doing joint research on the quality of equilibria in sequential congestion games. The visit was co-supported with funds from the Dutch mathematics cluster DIAMANT. ... read more

MSc student Loes Knoben in de media

MSc student Loes Knoben heeft recent stage gelopen bij het ZIB Berlijn (Konrad-Zuse Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin, http://www.zib.de ). Daar heeft Loes in een team onder begeleiding van Ralf Borndörfer gewerkt aan de berekening van een optimale oplossing voor de Berlin S-Bahn Challenge: Reis alle S-Bahn stations af in zo kort mogelijke tijd. Het resultaat is een poging voor een nieuwe wereld record, 15h en 4 minuut, en heeft Loes inmiddels enige media attentie ingebracht, oa bij RTL nieuws en in de Coen en Sander Show van 3FM. Gefeliciteerd, Loes! ... read more

Ruben Hoeksma

Ruben Hoeksma succesfully defended his PhD thesis

January 2015 - Ruben Hoeksma succesfully defended his PhD thesis on mechanisms for scheduling games with selfish players. Ruben was supervised by Marc Uetz. In his thesis, he addresses optimization of scheduling problems, when the optimizer is confronted with strategic behaviour of players that control the jobs. He proves bounds for the decrease of performance when the optimizer does not have full control. Furthermore, he shows that, in the event of incomplete information, optimal schedules can be found efficiently by means of linear programming techniques. ... read more