Application of magnetically active nano-materials in medicine

The LT group on Biomagnetism in collaboaration with the SMCT group take part in a european Research and Training Network (RTN). The name of this RTN is ‘CARBIO’ and it is designed to exploit the potential of multi-functional carbon nanotubes (CNT) for biomedical applications, in particular to act as magnetic nano-heaters, drug-carrier systems and sensors which allow a diagnostic and therapeutic usage on a cellular level. (for more information see:

A broad multidisciplinary approach will be applied ranging from basic research in chemistry, physics and biology to biophysical, biochemical and medical studies. To be specific, we want to:

• Synthesize CNT with tailored functionalities (different filling, heat sensitive caps)

• Modify them in order to become compatible to actual biological systems

• Study their chemical and physical properties in order to find mechanisms, which can be applied for a certain biomedical purpose in appropriate medical devices

• Study their interaction with biological environments (immune response, toxicity, interaction with the single cell)

• Apply them for imaging (nanoparticles-based contrast agents), sensoring (nanoparticles-based diagnostics) and cancer treatment (hyperthermia, nanotechnology-based targeted drug delivery)

Dark field image of a Fe-filled single-wall CNT.

On the basis of this multidisciplinary problem, early-stage researchers will be trained to apply the variety of state-of-the-art techniques covering all aspects of experimental biomedical nanoscience. Additional local and network-wide training activities, training in complementary skills dedicated to research in biomedical nanoscience (ethical and safety aspects, patents etc.), and a cooperation with industrial partners will guarantee the complete education of early-stage researchers in this innovative and expanding field of applied science.