Spin-off companies


BuBclean is a spin-off company from the Mesoscale Chemical Systems and Physics of Fluids groups and is developing innovative solutions for ultrasonic cleaning. We offer ultrasonic cleaning tests, training, R&D solutions for specific cleaning problems, and ultrasound expertise. Several innovative products for ultrasonic baths are being brought to the market.

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MyLife Technologies is developing a platform technology enabling drug delivery through the skin. Our patented technology is based on ceramic nanoporous microneedle arrays. The company is focusing on specific drug applications, including the delivery of vaccines, peptides and small molecules such as opiate analogs for pain management. The nanopores in the microneedle arrays allow for storage of pharmaceutical compounds. The microneedle arrays are integrated into a pharmaceutical patch. Upon application on the skin, the microneedles pierce the dermis and the pharmaceutical compounds diffuse from the nanopores into the skin. The microneedle skin patch should be easy to handle and avoids the risks of needle injection. Moreover, the application of the microneedle patch onto the skin is pain-free. This transdermal delivery mode presents specific benefits for vaccine administration over the current administration modes: many vaccines currently injected into a muscle or under the skin lack effectiveness and are not very efficient. Delivery into the dermis, a skin layer particularly rich in dendritic cells, is a very effective and efficient way to initiate an immune-response. We are working together with various knowledge partners to develop specific drug delivery applications. Our nanoporous microneedle arrays are produced in an ISO certified production facility.

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Fig. 1: Microneedle array zoom in


Fig. 2: Microneedle array integrated in a patch