Films in Fluids

This group is part of the cluster Membrane Science and Technology

The focus is on the synthesis of thin (hybrid) films by locally controlled chemistry, the in-situ characterization of thin films in fluids, and the development of inorganic porous hollow fibers.   

Prof. dr ir Nieck E. Benes
University of Twente
P.O. Box 217
The Netherlands
Room ME-312
Tel +31 (0) 53-489 4288
Secretary: Susanne van Rijn

Latest news

Three Joint Industrial Proposals granted!

Three Joint Industrial Proposals have been granted in which Films in Fluids participates:
- Electrons to Close the Carbon Cycle
- Solvent Tolerant Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis membranes
-Testing and evaluation of nanofiltration membranes in industrial processes

You can read more about the projects on the website of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology. ... read more

pH Stable Membranes

In this paper we screen the potential of a variety of other multifunctional amine / cyanuric chloride combinations in the formation of stable polyamine nanofiltration membranes, via interfacial polymerization. The resulting polymers do not contain the carbonyl group of a polyamide that is susceptible to nucleophilic attack, and hence are more stable at extreme pH. It is found that, due to the moderate reactivity of the cyanuric chloride, the amine precursor must have at least three reactive groups to allow the formation of thin selective membrane films. The best results are obtained for diethylene triamine. ... read more

A new framework...

We discovered a new metal organic framework. It lacks longe-range ordering... ... read more

Current trends in interfacial polymerization chemistry

Our paper on "Current trends in interfacial polymerization chemistry" in Progress in Polymer Science. ... read more