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Ruchi Bansal

Gastrostart grant for Ruchi Bansal

Ruchi Bansal, received a Gastrostart grant (7.5K€) from The Netherlands Society of Gastroenterology (NVGE) for the project proposal entitled “Secreted exosomes mediates inter-cellular communication between hepatic stellate cells and macrophages in liver fibrosis”. ... read more


Article in Oncotarget by group Dr. Jai Prakash

Article published in Oncotarget by the research team of Dr. Jai Prakash at the MIRA institute.

Researchers from the MIRA Institute of the University of Twente in collaboration with researchers from Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Linköping University (Sweden), and Weill Cornell Medical School (NY, USA) have explored novel ... read more

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Take off grant Jai Prakash

Jai Prakash is awarded with STW Take-off Phase-I grant entitled “Scarless Band-Aid” to nourish his novel idea of dealing with scars. Scar formation is a common problem after wound healing of an injury due to a small ... read more

Jan Kroon

PhD defense Jan Kroon

Jan Kroon will defend his PhD thesis entitled: "The preclinical development of novel treatment options for advanced prostate cancer" on 20 January at 16.45h. in the Prof. dr. G. Berkhoff zaal, building the Waaier, University of Twente. ... read more