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Which strengths do patients use to cope with their illness?


BA assignment 


Applicable to 2 students

Own data collection: YES

Qualitative study

EC: 15       



If you need to cope with an illness for a longer period of time, self-management is an important part of your healthcare. Self-management seems to lead to an increase in the autonomy of the patient and to improvements in the degree of exercising, symptom management, self-reported health and employment functioning. People can feel healthy, despite their illness, when they find an adaptive way how to cope with their illness. The strength-based approach could contribute to this self-management. Following the strength-based approach, the patient could be supported to discover his strengths, instead of his deficits, and the focus will be laid on his individual goals, possibilities and resources instead of his limitations. Through this, the patient could create new meaningful roles in life and positive emotions and hope would be fostered.


In this study you will choose a patient population of your interest and you will interview 10 patients to investigate which strengths (characteristics, skills, help from social environment, what makes them happy, what is meaningful for someone) they use to cope with their illness and why this is helpful for them. 


Who are we looking for?

Two motivated students who are interested in a certain patient population (free of choice for both students) and would like to know how these patients use their strengths to cope with their illness. Important here is that you have a broad number of patients at your disposal, who you could interview.



First supervisor: to be decided

Second supervisor: to be decided