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The evaluation of the strength based approach “Raise your strengths”


BA Assignment


Applicable to 2 Dutch students

Own data collection: NO  

Mixed method approach

EC: 15       



The University of Twente developed a strength based approach in cooperation with Agis (Health insurance company) and Vitaal Mensenwerk, for general practioners in order to raise the self-management of chronically ill patients. We did a pilot study to test this intervention and afterwards every participant was asked to fill in the evaluation questionnaire. In addition, we interviewed some participants: two general practioners, four POH’s and two patients. Based on this information the strength based approach “Raise your strengths” needs to be evaluated. One student will focus on the experiences of the participants concerning the intervention, while the other student will focus on the evaluation of the implementation of the intervention. Both students will use a mixed methods approach. In order to be able to evaluate it is necessary to transcribe all the interviews and analyse the evaluation forms. We hope that the outcome of this evaluation will lead to recommendations for the improvement of the content and the implementation of the intervention, so we can take this into account for further development.

Who are we looking for?:

Two motivated Dutch students who are interested in performing an evaluation study based on an existing strength based approach.



First supervisor: Nienke Peeters, Department Health Psychology and Technology,

Second supervisor: Dr. Christina Bode, Department Health Psychology and Technology,