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Title: Binge-watching: an experience sampling study of video-on-demand watching

Type of assignment:                      BA

Internal or external?:                    Internal 

Maximum number of students:  4

Individual collecting of data?      No, data collection as a group

Type of research:                           Experience sampling (longitudinal intensive measurement with a                                                smartphone app)

Description of the assignment:

Binge-watching is the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television show in one sitting or a short period of time and has become increasingly popular with the adverse of on-demand streaming services such as Netflix. Although popular, binge-watching may also have several potential detrimental effects, such as reduced physical activity, social activity and sleep time. Recent media outlets have additionally suggested that binge-watching may be associated with worse physical and psychological health.

However, little empirical evidence is available on the actual consequences and predictors of binge-watching. Moreover, current studies on the prevalence of binge-watching are generally limited by their cross-sectional designs and retrospective assessments of binge-watching behaviours. 

In this project, you will perform an experience sampling study into the occurrence and for instance potential antecedents or consequences of binge-watching.  In an experience sampling study a relatively limited set of variables (in this case questions) is measured on a large number of occasions for a longer period of time (e.g., multiple times a day for several weeks) in a relatively small sample of participants using a smartphone application. Assumed advantages of experience sampling (as opposed to for instance a one-time survey) is that it can provide more accurate and unbiased estimates of behaviours, changes in behaviours and associations between different, time-varying, variables over time.


Data for this project will be collected as a group effort. Individual research questions can focus on, for instance, accurate assessment of the prevalence of binge-watching over time, predictors of binge-watching (e.g., cognitive processes, personality, etc.) or specific consequences of binge-watching.

Who are we looking for? Students interested in health behaviour and quantitative research

What are we offering? Gaining knowledge of a timely behavioural issue and experience with a novel and increasingly popular research method.

More information? For more information, you can contact Peter ten Klooster (, Cubicus kamer B126a)

Supervisor: Peter ten Klooster and Marcel Pieterse


Van Berkel, N., Ferreira, D., & Kostakos, V. (2017). The Experience Sampling Method on Mobile Devices. ACM Comput. Surv., 50(6), 93:1-93:40.

Walton-Pattison, E., Dombrowski, S. U., & Presseau, J. (2018). “Just one more episode”: Frequency and theoretical correlates of television binge watching. Journal of Health Psychology, 23(1), 17–24.