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On this website you will find the list of available bachelor thesis assignments offered by the specialization Health Psychology and Technology.

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With the assignments, the name of the lecturer is given for information. It is not the intention that you contact the lecturer and make appointments outside the procedure. Keep in mind that an interview can be part of the procedure for an external assignment. So also an external client can have a voice in assigning an assignment to the student. 


If you choose an assignment in Health Psychology and Technology (HPT):

Step 1: Make your decision for an assignment by your top 3. Until January 20 additional bachelor thesis assingments may be added. From Friday January 21 to Tuesday 25 January, 2022 you can fill in the form (link below). You can also upload your short motivation letter here if it has been requested for an assignment. 

Step 2: At the end of January 2022 you will receive an e-mail about the assignment you can start with. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the assignment of your choice.

Step 3: Only after you have been informed by the coordinator about the assignment you can start with, you can contact the supervising lecturer of the assignment.

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Coordinator: Nienke Peeters (

GB10 How technology can(not) support students to consume less meat

GB11 Treating cognitive biases with mobile Cognitive Bias Modification: The IVY app

GB12 Acceptance towards in-home monitoring technology in home-based dementia care



Not all of the below mentioned assignments may be available. If you are interested in one of the assignments below, or if you would like to bring in your own assignment, please contact the HPT master coordinator dr. C.H.C. Drossaert ( or phone 053-4896049).

Below you find the available Health Psychology & Technology (HPT) masters’ assignment:

GM33 Acceptance towards in-home monitoring technology in home-based dementia care. 

Also, note that –if you choose an external assignment- an interview with the organization will be part of the procedure.

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