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Lunch meeting "Cycling through the Dutch jungle"

The FFNT invites its members, who are in The Netherlands for longer than six months, and who are eager to exchange experience on living in The Netherlands and working at the University of Twente, to join us at the Cycling through the Dutch jungle meeting. We started with this activity three years ago and the feedback we got was very positive. Therefore we decided to organise this event each six months. ... read more

Luz Jimenez

Workshop painting and Netwerkborrel

As it has been a yearly tradition, around Sinterklaas and Christmas, FFNT organizes a somewhat fun and unusual event.
This year we present a painting workshop.
If you cannot participate in the workshop you are very welcome to join the Netwerkborrel at the end of the afternoon, in the Theatercafé, building Vrijhof. ... read more

foto Erna Lankhorst

Workshop Assertiveness; how to convince others

In the workshop on Assertiveness we will learn about the effects that different kinds of non-verbal behaviour and verbal formulations have on convincing others. Further we will explore the role of emotions and relaxation and learn how to attune to the other party. Finally the workshop will stress the importance of and provide guidance about convincing yourself first, since only then you can give attention to and align with the other party. ... read more