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Lecture Giles Stacey Thursday January 15th

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting you to the lecture: “Submitting Successful EU Research proposals" An “Insider’s View” by Giles Stacey. Based on more the 15 years involvement in evaluating research proposals submitted to the European Commission, Giles Stacey will discuss the process and offer advice on how you can increase your chances of a successful outcome. ... read more

Presentation Giles Stacey EU Funding

Margot Stilma

Lecture Margot Stilma, Thursday February 5th

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting you to a lecture on:“Gender study: the influence of gender on product design and styling" by Margot Stilma. The influence of gender on product design & styling is a multifaceted subject. It is on the one hand related to the consumer perspective, and therefore to the position of products in our experience economy. On the other hand, it is related to the designer perspective and the way designers design and style products. In this lecture a short overview, as introduction, is given of related factors to the subject with examples, values and dilemma’s, related to product design and styling. ... read more

Heleen Mees

International Womensday, Friday March 6th

To celebrate the International Women’s Day we invited Heleen Mees to give a lecture on her much debated topic: No more part-time feminism. Heleen Mees is going to focus on the following items:- Why is the one-and-a-half breadwinner model so popular in the Netherlands, comparing to other countries like Sweden or the USA. - What is the influence of this model/culture on the position of women in organizations? - Various investigations point out that in academia women work almost as much as a man, so working part time isn’t a good explication for the low number of female professors and associate professors in our university. - Recommendations for women and organizations to get more women on top. ... read more