TOPSQUADTraining and education

Training and education

This section contains education material and tutorials on different topics related to TOPSQUAD. Furthermore, information will be provided here about the training during a dedicated workshop (2023) and about secondments at industrial partners particularly meant for young researchers.

Bound states 2023 workshop

The Bound States 2023 workshop co-organized and chaired by the coordinators of the sisters FET-Open projects AndQC and TOPSQUAD took place on 11-14 June 2023 in Budapest. Counting almost 90 participants, the workshop brought together world-leading experts in the fields of materials science, experimental and theoretical quantum physics. Three high quality pedagogical tutorials dedicated to the young generation gave an overview of the Andreev and Majorana bound states fields in nanoscale solid-state devices:

1. Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in proximitized quantum dots, Jens Paaske, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Nanowire platforms for hybrid quantum dot systems, Jesper Nygård, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Josephson junctions with topological interlayers, Alexander Brinkman, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Further information can be found on the workshop webpage:

Bound States 2023

Secondments at Basel Precision Instruments GmbH

As a small and growing company, BASPI is dedicated to educating and promoting young scientists and entrepreneurs and enhancing the number of females in high tech. Towards this end, and with the support of TOPSQUAD, BASPI is offering a number of secondment opportunities described in the file below. We strongly encourage female students and young researchers to apply. Also, as a member of QUSTEC, BASPI is offering secondments and participating in mentoring and educating young researchers with an emphasis on female participation.

Tutorial on the concepts of holes  (IST Austria) 

In this first tutorial Georgios Katsaros from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria is explaining the concept of holes. 

Video on superconductivity (UNIversity of Basel)

Prof. Christian Schönenberger and Han Zheng from the University of Basel explain in this new video why superconductivity is used in TOPSQUAD to make ‘better’ quantum bits.