Curriculum Vitae

Rick Driessen was born in September 1992. He grew up in Groessen (The Netherlands) where he joined secondary school at Candea College, Duiven. In September 2010 he started his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. He graduated in July 2014 on the topic ‘Fast degradation in microfluidic reactors using dense immobilized TiO2 films’ at the group of Soft Matter, Fluidics and Interfaces (University of Twente). Rick started his master degree in Chemical Engineering, with a specialization in Chemical and Process Engineering, in September 2010. In September 2016 he graduated with honors (cum laude) on the topic ‘Development of a multistage fluidized bed for deep H2S removal from natural gas‘. During his studies he was an active member of study association Alembic as a board member and member of various committees.

Currently, Rick works on the ‘Compact Advanced Sour gas Processing’ (CASPer) project of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) as a PhD candidate. In this research he investigates new ways to remove sour gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas.