Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Brouwer was born on April 5th 1991 in Deventer, The Netherland. He grew up in Diepenveen, after which he moved to Enschede in 2009 to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. The title of this bachelor’s thesis was “Fabrication and Photocatalytic Assessment of a PDMS-based Microreactor with Focus on Atrazine as an Organic Degradation Model Compound”. During his master’s he did an internship at South Africa Institute of Advanced Material Chemistry (SAIAMC) at the University of the Western Cape. He performed research on “Commissioning a Pd-membrane set-up combination with a PEMFC fuel Cell”. He did his master thesis at the Sustainable Process Technology group at the University of Twente on “Reactive Extraction and Recovery of Levulinic Acid from an acidic aqueous solution.

During his study he was an active member of the study association C.T.S.G. Alembic and the umbrella association Overleg Studieverenigingen (OS). In each association he was a board member for one year.

He is currently working on "Affinity Separations" in the Sustainable Process Technology Group (SPT) under guidance of Boelo Schuur. This project is part of the ISPT cluster "Energy Efficient Bulk Liquid Separation". The aim of the project is the development of liquid-liquid extractions and extractive distillations as alternatives for traditional distillations. The emphasis will be on the fundamental understanding of affinities in separations.