Master assignment

If you are interested in doing your master thesis assignment in the SPT group, please register via Capita Selecta (C.S.) SPT, 2018 - 201200240 for up to date topics. Of course it is also possible to define your own assignment together with the mentor that will supervise the project.

Aspects of the different research topics, such as Physical transport phenomena, Chemical reactor science, Thermodynamics, Phase theory, Introductory process technology, Kinetics and catalysis, Equipment design, Process economy & cost engineering, Flow sheeting, Optimalisation etc. can be part of the different M-assignment projects, together with acquiring newly developing theories and techniques. Special emphasis during the master assignment is on the integration of these existing and new topics. After consultation with the mentor, a more theoretical or a more experimental character for your M-assignment can be chosen, depending on your wishes and the available resources. Most important item of the M-assignment is that you (the student) have the possibility to apply the present and newly acquired know-how to the research and that you know how to put these together for a fruitful fulfillment of the research assignment. Important factor hereby is the Graduation report, the public presentation and the public defense (M-colloquium) of the experimental work.