Since the founding of the TCCB (since August 2012 SPT) research group in 2002, a large number of staff members, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, technicians and students have been part of the TCCB/SPT community and contributed to the groups research and development as it is now.

TCCB/SPT Alumni association

As the TCCB/SPT alumni committee, we would like to stimulate contact between people with a TCCB/SPT background and people currently involved in the research group. Each year the committee will organize an activity to give alumni members the chance to meet new members and catch up with old friends.

The alumni committee also strives to encourage members to share knowledge and experiences gained during their working life with other alumni members. To stimulate this further, the alumni committee will organize activities where former and current TCCB/SPT members can meet and where alumni will be given the chance to tell about work experience in short presentations. This could also facilitate the arrangement of company visits and internships.

If you are interested in joining the TCCB/SPT alumni association to participate in upcoming activities or just to be kept updated about the group, please contact the alumni committee by sending an email or subscribe to our LinkedIn group. The TCCB/SPT alumni membership is free of charge. If necessary, the TCCB/SPT alumni committee will only ask for a small contribution to cover some costs related to TCCB/SPT activities which you would like to join. The alumni committee will keep you informed on planned activities via email, the TCCB/SPTwebsite and the TCCB/SPT LinkedIn/Facebook groups.

The TCCB/SPT alumni activity

Each year the alumni committee is planning to organize a TCCB/SPT alumni activity.