Access to SLT Data Server

SLT Data Server

Students work

Data and Pictures that are produced during Experimental work in the Student Laboratories Twente are stored on the SLT-Data-Server. The grouping of the storage is by technique used in the laboratories. (for iE users the links do work, however for Mozilla, Chrome and other browsers: right click the link; select “Copy Link Location” or “Linkadres kopieren “ and paste the content in the search field of the Start Menu: , or in the address bar of the Windows Explorer: )


The above option does not seem to work for all students. A work-around is: Connect to the server in the explorer (verkenner) via “Map Network Drive”  ( “Netwerkverbinding maken”).  Type in the address line: \\\microscopenlab ; Toggle out: “Reconnect at logon” Toggle on: “Connect using different credentials” and press “Finish”; a pop-up window will appear: fill in a user-name (blanc field does not work) and leave the password line blanc. Check you explorer (verkenner) for the connection. 

We advise you to retrieve the data from the server as quick as possible.

(we cannot guarantee the security of the data on the server, since we are dependent on the software of commercial parties).

·         BioLab (Cr4132)

·         Nikon Mic ()

·         Nikon 2 Mic ()

·         Fluorescence Mics (Cr 3717)


For the course of Electrodynamics several pencasts are available:

·         PenCasts E&M