See Student Laboratory Twente (SLT)

General information

Location of the Student Laboratoria Twente

The Laboratories of the TNW study-programmes for students are located at floor 4 of the Carré building, at the north-west side.

Access to Laboratory work

Most laboratory work is a part of a module or a course and is organized in close collaboration with the responsible teachers. For most of the practical time-slots are available to choose your most convenient schedule. This can be done via enrolment in the online SLT-enrolment system.

In case students are free to choose between various experiments, you can indicate your preferences in this system. Also the formation of groups can be facilitated via the SLT-enrolment system. Groups will then be indicated and by selecting the free position in the list, your make yourself a member of that group.

Important: subscription to an experiment, group or practical can be overruled by the SLT-staff in accordance with the teachers.

Laboratory access times (Note: times in the afternoon differ from College times!)

Access time for complete day parts are:

  • Morning:           8:45-12:30h
  • Afternoon:        13:15-17:00h

Times may differ from the standard ones in case the special requirements apply. Always check the schedules beforehand.

 Not present at assigned times:

In case you cannot be present at times in the Laboratory that are assigned to you (either by yourself via subscription or by teachers or the SLT-staff) first try to switch with one of the students that are scheduled for another time. In case this is not possible – short time notice – than contact us as soon as possible (see list below). This give us the possibility to inform the assistants and anticipate on the situation.

Lab-session missed:

Absence at one of the sessions can possibly be rescheduled on short notice: You have to contact the teacher or assistants as soon as possible to find a way to fulfill the requirements of the experimental work.                   

Health and Savity Regulations.

  • You are entitled to handle according to the Health and Safety Regulations that apply in general and for the specific laboratories specifically. These can be found in our special area about Health and Safety.
  • You are also entitled to follow the instructions of the Teachers, Assistants and SLT-staff.
  • Eating and Drinking is strictly forbidden in the laboratories.
  • Report unsafe situations and malfunction as soon as possible

SLT Contact:

For the folowing items you can contact us via e-mail:


  • Biological Labs;                A.G.M. van der Zwan                  room Cr4007
  • Biological Labs;                Y.M. Kraan                                   room Cr4007
  • Biological Labs:                F.J. Joustra                                  room Cr4641
  • Chemical Labs:                 A.M. Montanaro-Christenhusz;   room Cr4007
  • Physics Labs B1:               P.J.H. Rupert ;                             room Cr4641
  • Physics Labs B2/B3:         B.J.A.H. Oude Alink;                    room Cr4639
  • Opics Labs:                       H. van Dijk;                                  room Cr4639
  • Logistics:                          B.J.A.H. Oude Alink;                    room Cr4639
  • ICT:                                   P.J.H. Rupert ;                              room Cr4641
  • Pre-U Lab:                        J.H.A. Kooiker;                             room Cr4011

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