Bert Jan Offrein

Bert Jan Offrein appointed as chair of Analog signal processing devices and systems

 The TNW faculty board is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Bert Jan Offrein as professor by special appointment to the chair of Analog signal processing devices and systems. Bert Jan is Manager Neuromorphic Devices and Systems Group at IBM Research Europe - Zurich. In Twente he will aim to further develop the field of neuromorphic computing, exploring possibilities in photonic computing as well as semi-conductor implementations. This is closely connected with an upcoming, collaborative research-initiative, called 'Mission 10-X', towards energy-efficient computing of the future.

Bert Jan is an alumnus of the University of Twente where he obtained his PhD on integrated optics in 1994 in the Transduction and Materials Science group. The new group is embedded in the Optical Sciences group of the Advanced NanoPhotonics cluster at the MESA+ research institute. His appointment emphasises the importance of fundamental research with an industrial perspective and strengthens existing collaboration with IBM Research.