Dr.ir. K.M. (Kirsten) Pondman - 2014

PhD Candidate – obtained PhD degree (Cum Laude) September 2014
Phone: +31 53 489 1116


Kirsten Pondman (1987) obtained a BSc and MSc in biomedical engineering at the University of Twente. During an internship at Oxford University, department of pharmacology, with Professor R.B. Sim, she became interested in nanomedicine, especially targeted drug delivery and interactions with the immune system. After a masters assignment within the MD&I-group, which focussed on magnetic drug delivery, she got an opportunity to pursue a Phd-degree within the MD&I-group in collaboration with Professor R.B. Sim at Oxford University and dr. U. Kishore at Brunel University, Londen.


The main focus in Kirstens PhD was the application of nanoparticles in medicine; she worked both at developing particles that could be used for magnetic drug delivery and on interactions of various nanoparticles with different components of the (innate) immune system. Furthermore she developed ways to either suppress or stimulate the immune system using nanoparticles. She set up collaborations with Prof. Jos van Putten at the university of Utrecht and Prof. Thorben Moos at the university of Aalborg, where she got a chance to work on the magnetic transport of nanoparticles through the blood brain barrier.


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