J.K. (Jordy) van Zandwijk MSc

Technical Physician and PhD Student
Building: Technohal
Room: 2186
Phone: +31 53 487 4197/bgg 1116
E-mail: j.k.vanzandwijk@utwente.nl


Jordy van Zandwijk was born in De Krim, the Netherlands, in 1991. After graduation high school in Coevorden in 2008 he started to study Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. He obtained his master’s degree in Technical Medicine in 2014, after a graduation internship at the radiology department of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) on an analysis of geometrical differences of the coronary arteries during the cardiac cycle. In 2015 he started with a combined function as teacher / researcher (PhD) in the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) at the University of Twente. In the second half of 2015, he joined the MD&I group to proceed with his research activities on low-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).



After coordinating and teaching a large educational project on ultrasound imaging, Jordy’s teaching responsibilities shifted towards MRI education in both the technical medicine (TM) and biomedical engineering (BME) programs. Using the new (installed late 2015) in-house MR facility of the ECTM, previous MR education has been revised and redesigned, and is currently embedded in 4 curricula.

Future goals are to perform current MR education for TM and BME students, and to improve this into established and constructive MR educational lines throughout these medically oriented programs.