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M.M. (Melissa) van de Loosdrecht MSc

PhD student Laparoscopie
Technohal room: 2186
Phone: +31 53 489 9909 / 1116
E-mail: m.m.vandeloosdrecht@utwente.nl


Melissa van de Loosdrecht was born in Olst in 1993. She studied biomedical engineering at the University of Twente and obtained her master’s degree in 2016. After an internship at the radiotherapy department in Deventer, she graduated on research conducted at the radiotherapy department of the University Medical Centre of Utrecht. Here she compared several four dimensional MRI techniques, which are used to quantify tumor motion during radiotherapy treatments. After graduating she started a PhD position at MD&I..


During her PhD Melissa is going to develop a new probe to detect sentinel lymph nodes in cancer patients. This will be achieved by splitting the excitation and detection coils of the current handheld Diffmag detector. The probe will be developed for laparoscopic procedures, in order to limit the motion of the detector compared to the excitation coil.