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Dr. S. (Sophie) van Baalen 2019

Sophie van Baalen

PhD candidate - Obtained Doctor degree januay 2019
MRI-DTI of the kidneys
hone: +31 53 489 2462 / 1116


Sophie van Baalen (1988) studied Technical Medicine and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society at the University of Twente, and received both master’s degrees in 2014 (cum laude). She won the Twente Graduate School Research Honours PhD Award 2014. She is now employed for ¾ at the department of philosophy (BMS) and for ¼ at MD&I (MIRA).


Sophie’s integrates her expertise in TM and PSTS to improve innovation in health care. Her aim is to work on a developing imaging technology and analyze her own work using insights from the philosophy of science in practice. By analyzing the knowledge processes in medical practice and technology innovation, she hopes develop a framework that can be used by doctors, engineers and technical medicine researcher to improve their collaborations.

At MD&I , Sophie is working on a pilot study to validate the use of MRI-DTI for the kidneys and gain a better understanding of pathophysiological underpinnings of the DTI signal in the kidneys, in collaboration with Dr. Brouwers (nephrology) and Dr. Bezooijen and Dr. Kazen (Radiology) at Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST).


Supervision of BME and TM master students working on the same project.