dr. Reyes Mallada Viana






Dr. Reyes Mallada Viana



053-489 2594

Visiting Researcher

Reyes Mallada finished her PhD in Chemistry, in the topic of catalytic membrane reactors, in 1999, at the University of Zaragoza. After that she did a postdoctoral stay at the University of Southern California working in membranes for landfill gas application. In 2001 she joined again University of Zaragoza as research associate and in 2007 she became associate professor in this university.

Her research interests include:

-Synthesis and characterization of zeolite layers over different supports: tubular ceramic, stainless steel grids and foils, silicon, ceramic honeycomb…

-Study of different methods for catalyst deposition in micro-reactors; microchannels and siliconsubstrates.

-Synthesis and surface modification of mesoporous M41S materials for its use as adsorbents and membranes.

-Microwave assisted heated microreactors

In February 2011 she joined the MCS group for a research stay of 6 months in the area of microsystems.