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“Choosing” in chemical engineering and process intensification

In scientific, industrial or commercial activities decisions need to be taken every day. Sometimes optimal empirical conditions must be found, re-designing equipment towards overall plant performance improvement, or whether to purchase new technologies. In the engineering activity, the drivers are mainly technical (maximizing productivity, yield, selectivity, residence time distribution, etc.), but there are also important drivers such as, ecological impact, productivity and others. However, there are severe difficulties in quantifying globally the improvement of independent factors not necessarily interrelated or connected to cost (money).


Here we want to conduct a theoretical study on the existing methodologies to compare chemical engineering technologies and innovations. We will improve a novel method to calculate an Intensification Factor composed of modular and interchangeable evaluation criteria or factors. In principle it is possible to combine qualitative (safety, ...) and quantitative factors (temperature, yield, cost, ...). There are more questions than answers in this one.


More information can be obtained from David Fernandez Rivas d.fernandezrivas