Dr. Bernard Boukamp

Dr. B.A. Boukamp
University of Twente
Faculty of Science & Technology
Carré, 3251
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 53 4892989
Secretary: +31 53 4892860
E-mail: b.a.boukamp@utwente.nl

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Research interests

Thesis co-advisor

  1. I.C. Vinke, “Electrochemical and electrode properties of stabilizedbismuth-oxide ceramics”, Uversity of Twente (1989);
  2. B.A. van Hassel “Transport and oxygen transfer properties of ion implanted yttria stabilized zirconia”, University of Twente (1990);
  3. P.J. Bouwman “Lithium intercalation in preferentially oriented submicron LiCoO2 films”, University of Twente (2002);
  4. M.M. González Cuenca “Novel anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells”, University of Twente (2003);
  5. N. Hildenbrand “Improving the electrolyte-cathode assembly for mt-SOFC”, University of Twente (2011);
  6. M.K. Stodolny “Cr-tolerance of the IT-SOFC La(Ni,Fe)O3 material”, University of Twente (2012);


UT publications are available on research.utwente.nl

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Thesis (University of Utrecht, 1974)

B.A.Boukamp, 'Photoconductivity of undoped and lithium doped gallium antimonide', thesis, State University of Utrecht, 1974.