Growth on Nanosheets

In current literature, nanosheets are almost inextricably bound up with graphene. The reason for the current focus on graphene is that this material is known to have some extraordinary properties. It may come of a surprise that there is a large class of inorganic nanosheets for which special properties are expected as well.

Figure 1: Atomic force microscopy images of Ti0.87O2 nanosheets before (a) and after (b) pulsed laser deposition of SrRuO3

In this B.Sc. project, we want to study the applicability of inorganic nanosheets as seed layer for growth of various metal oxide thin films. Thin films can be grown by both chemical and physical deposition techniques. The focus of the project can be on optimizing growth conditions, or on making and characterizing functional devices. We can shape this project to your own ideas and interest. If you like to have more information, do not hesitate to contact Gertjan Koster (