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Development of a reliable quality test for single crystal substrates for epitaxial growth

Master graduation project IMS (for Aph, Nanotechnology and Che, materials track):

Description: Structural quality test such as XRD and AFM, that are routinely performed to select high quality substrates for epitaxial growth of oxide materials with atomical precision, do not reveal the quality in terms of point defects. Transport measurements and/or optical characterization should be more sensitive, but there exists no good procedure before processing the substrates. The aim of this project is to develop and test a procedure based on electrical transport measurement, which can be performed routinely before processing takes place. Ultimately, a selection of crystals could be made in order to achieve ultra high electron mobilities, competitive with classical semiconductor quantum well structures.

The type of activities consists of both experimental work (transport, optical, AFM, XRD, growth) on crystals from various manufacturers and working out a model to classify the crystal quality.

Contact: Gertjan Koster,, 053 489 4710