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Chemistry of Inorganic Materials and Nanostructures

The design and synthesis of advanced functional materials by chemical processing methods requires a thorough understanding of the basic reaction mechanisms and physical phenomena that play a role in the sequence of steps that lead from starting molecular precursors via nanoparticles to the final functional solid. This course provides an introduction into the chemistry of inorganic materials, the most common chemical synthesis methods, and their deposition into low-dimensional nanostructures, thin films and micropatterns. Topics that are discussed in the course include inorganic molecules; structural solid state chemistry; physical chemistry of inorganic surfaces; nucleation and growth of nanoparticles; nanoparticle synthesisl morphogenesis of particles with fractal-like structure; synthesis of inorganic materials; sol-gel; thin films from gas-phase precursors; thin films from liquid-phase precursors; low-dimensional nanostructures; soft lithography; sintering.
For further information please contact Dr. ir. J.E. ten Elshof.