The research group Inorganic Membranes of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente is involved in different aspects of the science and technology of dense and porous inorganic membranes. The research is divided into the following two research activities:


Activities are focused on the development of inorganic and hybrid porous membranes. The main emphasis within the research is on the design of organically-grafted porous ceramic membranes, the preparation of inorganic membranes made of 2D/3D structure (2D nanomaterial and zeolite membranes), and the shaping of porous structures made of organosilica and silicon-carbide for nanofiltration (water, organic solvent treatment) and gas separation applications. Read more

Research within this theme encompasses the study of fast ionic and mixed ionic-electronic transport in condensed phases and associated interfacial/electrode reactions. Essential to the research is the development of a fundamental understanding of the relationships between material characteristics, such as crystal structure, composition, defect chemistry and microstructure, and material properties related to diffusion of ionic and electronic species. Main interest is focused to the fundamentals of technological applications, such as dense ceramic membranes and the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). For more information