Oxide electronics


Interfaces in complex oxides can exhibit novel electronic and magnetic phases. A prominent example is the 2-dimensional conducting state that appears at contacts between the insulating materials SrTiO3 and LaAlO3. These interfaces even show magnetic effects and superconductivity. Using advanced thin film deposition, nanostructuring and measurement facilities we investigate the basic properties of these and related interfaces, and pursue potential applications such as low power electronics and sensing devices.

Selected recent & key publications:

M. Huijben, G. Koster, M.K. Kruize, S. Wenderich, J. Verbeek, S. Bals, E. slooten, B. Shi, H.J.A. Molegraaf, J.E. Kleibeuker, S. van Aert, J.B. Goedkoop, A. Brinkman, D.H.A. Blank, M.S. Golden, G. van Tendeloo, H. Hilgenkamp and G. Rijnders,
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Physical Review B 87, 075435 (2013).

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M. Huijben, G. Rijnders, D.H.A. Blank, S. Bals, S. van Aert, J. Verbeeck, G. van Tendeloo, A. Brinkman, and H. Hilgenkamp,
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