Bachelor courses


Quantum Matter

1st Year, 4th Quarter, 5 ECTS
Lecturer: Brinkman

Quantum Mechanics 1

2nd Year, 2nd Quarter, 5 ECTS
Lecturers: Brinkman, Verschuur

Materials Science (Fysische Materiaalkunde)

3rd Year, 3rd Quarter, 5 ECTS
Track Orientation Course
Lecturers: Hilgenkamp, Brinkman

The purpose of this lecture course is to provide a deeper understanding of the materials science of solid state matter. The accent lies here on the materials science of thin films. The course consists of three parts. The first part deals with the basic properties of materials. These are treated through the thermodynamics, growth processes and structure (amorphous, poly-crystalline, single crystal) of various materials. Part two covers the different deposition methods for the production of thin films (vacuum deposition, sputtering, laser ablation, MBE) and part three the analysis of these films (scanning probe microscopy, SEM, TEM, X-ray diffraction).

Bachelor Assignment

Interested students are welcome to contact one of the staff members for possible assignments.

Master courses

Track courses

193530010, 1st Quarter
Track Course Materials Physics
Teachers: Zandvliet, Li & Golubov

Chair Courses

Introduction to Superconductivity
193530000, 1st Quarter
Chair Course ICE/QTM/EMS
Teachers: Hans Hilgenkamp, Alexander Brinkman, Alexander Golubov, Marc Dhalle

Intr. to the physics of correlated electrons
200900066, 4th Quarter
Chair Course ICE/QTM
Teacher: Alexander Golubov


We perform didactic research into teaching quantum mechanics at different school levels. 

Gradation projects

If you are looking for a Bachelor's or Master's graduation assignment, please contact Prof. Alexander Brinkman for possible assignments and an introduction into the research group.