UTFacultiesTNWEventsMonth of Integrity: workshop 'Science under pressure' by Jurriaan Huskens

Month of Integrity: workshop 'Science under pressure' by Jurriaan Huskens

What does pressure do to the quality of science that is performed? And what does it do to the scientists that experience it? There exist various forms of pressure: pressure to publish, pressure to make promotion, pressure from a supervisor, and others. We will review a real case (the Buck-Goudsmit affair) where too much pressure led to evidently bad science as well as -though less evident - personal damage. From there we can together look for questions (and maybe answers) that deal with pressure, like what (and how much) is healthy pressure? How can we signal “bad” (overly, unjust, unrealistic, …) pressure? Can we and how can we design a work environment that provides inherent mechanisms to deal with pressure and signals of excessive behavior? 

Jurriaan Huskens, Full Professor of Molecular Nanofabrication at the Faculty of Science and Technology/UT, invites you for becoming his guest so he can share and discuss his narrative about the past and the presence of academia.  

For more information about the S&T's Month of Integrity, please visit our website or use this link to register for the workshop.