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Courses in Master-Applied Physics in EMS

Compulsory courses (20 EC)

191411291 Applied Quantum Mechanics                               5EC      (Q1)

191551150 Numerical techniques for PDE                             5EC      (Q2)

191470241 Heat and Mass Transfer                                       5EC      (Q3)

201800422 Small Signals and Detection                                5EC      (Q4)    

Specialization courses (EMS) (20 EC)

193530000 Introduction to superconductivity                       5EC      (Q1)

201100214 Applications of superconductivity                       5EC      (Q2)

201100146 Cryogenic Science & Technology                        5EC      (Q4)

     ??            Course in consultation with chair                      5EC      (?)       

Recommended elective courses (EMS)

193510040 Theoretical solid state physics                            5EC      (Q1)

193570010 Advanced fluid mechanics                                  5EC      (Q1)

193550020 Surfaces and thin layers                                      5EC      (Q2)

193530040 Introduction to High Energy Physics                   5EC      (Q2)

193530010 Nanophysics                                                        5EC      (Q3)

193580020 Experimental techniques in physics of fluids      5EC      (Q3)

201700026 Electrical Power Eng. and System Integration    5EC      (Q2)

201400037 Linear Solid Mechanics                                       5EC      (Q3)

200900059 Capita Selecta EMS                                              ---        (--)