Susanna Piluso

Name Susanna Piluso 
Room Zuidhorst 147
Phone +31 53 489 7504
Function Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Development of organ-on-a-chip devices

I obtained a PhD in Materials for Life Sciences at the Institute of Biomaterials Science (Germany) where I developed biopolymer-based networks with defined molecular architecture. As postdoc, I have worked on the preparation of self-assembling block copolymers for biomedical application (Univeristy of Surrey, UK) and on the development of hydrogels as in vitro tissue mimetics (Department of Materials Engineering and Prometheus Research Division, KU Leuven). Currently, I’m working at the Department of Developmental BioEngineering (UTwente) and at the Department of Orthopaedics (UMC, Utrecht) on a project focusing on the development of organ-on-a-chip devices. 

Project: Development of joint-on-a-chip

Supervisor at UT: Prof. Marcel Karperien

Supervisor at UMCU: Prof. Jos Malda