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Maik Schot NBTE Best Presentation Award 2020 Winner Developmental BioEngineering

Maik Schot from the Developmental BioEngineering group has
won the NBTE 2020 Award for Best Presentation.

On the 27th November of 2020, Maik Schot – 3rd year PhD student of Dr. Leijten - received the award for best oral presentation on the Dutch Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering conference. He presented his work entitled ‘Bioengineering clinically sized microporous annealed scaffolds via In-air production of dual crosslinkable microgels’. The jury explained that they selected Maik for this award based on the clarity and eloquence of his presentation, the importance of the challenge, and the innovative and ground breaking nature of his work. On behalf of the DBE faculty, we congratulate Maik with this achievement.

M.R. Schot MSc (Maik)
dr. J.C.H. Leijten (Jeroen)
Associate Professor