Dr. Liliana S. Moreira Teixeira

Liliana S. Moreira Teixeira, PhD

Department of Developmental BioEngineering
University of Twente
Faculty Science & Technology
Institute for Biomedical Technology & Technical Medicine (MIRA)

Zuidhorst ZH112
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede, The Netherlands

P +31-(0)53-489-3750
F +31-(0)53-489-2150


Current research

Cartilage damage typically arises as a focal defect, usually caused by trauma. If left untreated, these defects can lead to osteoarthritis (OA). In situ forming hydrogels can be tailored for the treatment of local cartilage defects and degenerative cartilage diseases, such as OA, acting as healing plasters. My main research is based on a recently developed technology platform of enzymatically crosslinkable hydrogels of natural polymers, namely dextran and chitosan. These injectable polysaccharide-based hydrogels can be used for the delivery of chondrocytes or mesenchymal stromal cells, immobilizing them at the defect site via a non-invasive procedure. Alternatively, dextran-based hydrogels conjugated with hyaluronic acid and/or heparin can be used to attract cells from the subchondral bone or synovial fluid to restore joint homeostasis and stimulate cartilage regeneration. My foremost goal is the evaluation of functional repair in medium and large animal models, to bring this approach closer to human trials.

Additionally, the biomimetic and bioactive properties of dextran-based hydrogels can be tuned to assist on vessel development. As an adjacent project, I am exploring the vascularization potential of these hydrogels and their ability to covalently bind to collagen-rich tissues, to ultimately develop skin replacements for wound healing.

Publications of interest